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Dumbcane Cornplant

           Evergreen indoor plants

(Choosing Plants for Interior Decoration.)

     Plants are a major group of living things which include familiar organisms such as trees, flowers, herbs, ferns etc. About 300,000 species of plants are available in the world. Plants are essential for the ecosystem. Among the living thing only plants are independent thing which take energy direct from the Sun and provide energy for other factors of the ecosystem.

Growing plants indoor is indoor gardening. Today's all indoor plants were wild plants at first and gradully that have been domesticated for peoples’ needs and pleasure and now which are called indoor plants or house plants or domestic plants as well. when plants are grown successfully in indoor, they are being trained more to grow in a peoples’ climate. Because of this reason, in thesedays there are lots of cultiver(able to thrive in different climate) variety of different types of plants.

Do you love plants? Most people do. Plants look very nice to see and feel and it attracts everybody. Throughout the history, people have been fascinated by plants and flowers. A plant (flowering or non-flowering plants) can brighten our surroundings for days and days, weeks and weeks and even months and months. Before you successfully grow the plants in your indoor or outdoor garden or container, you need to know about plants nature and some essential needs of them. Also, you have to seek answers of these questions that what plant should you buy? Where should you grow them? How do you take care of them? And what choice of plants will give you blooms year-around? etc.

Talking about indoor garden, the majority of plants are planted or used for interior decorations have brought originally from the tropic(mostly hot temperature year-around) zones. Most plants grew at elevations where temperature fluctuates too high to too low, which is a factor that makes these plants more adaptable to thrive well in all kind of temperature and nature like low or high intencity of light, needs of soil, water etc. They imagine the natural environment in the indoor when they are planted as indoor plants to decorate for our pleasure. Plants in a house or in an apartment or in a room as well help to make a true home, whether there are many in beautiful pots or just a few humble pots with green-leaved or nice colored flower plants. The presence of green leaves or nice colored flower plants provide a feeling of warmth welcome and hospitability. Isn't it?

There is limitless choice of plants for indoor use. Most of plants are surprisingly adaptable, there remains a large choice for almost any type of environment but you should be conscious about the plants’ nature and their needs to grow them well. Talking about interior decoration with plants, there are no rules for the kinds of plant that should be used or should not be used to decorate a home or room. The selection of indoor plants is largely a matter of personal taste. But certain guidelines can be useful to look better and match for the particular place or thing. But it is obviously sensible to select plants that suit normal home conditions rather than try to make either the plants or the home satisfy difficult requirements. Up to certain degree, every indoor or outdoor plant needs daily attention but if you have to spend too much time and effort on taking care them, it becomes a burden instead of the pleasure.

On plant decoration, scale and proportion of the area play an important role but here is also no firm rules on choosing indoor plants. Normally, we use indoor plants to decorate and show attractive the particular places than as usual. Now look some tips about placing indoor plants in indoor:

Size and Shape of plants
Large and tall plants are not generally recommended for small rooms and area. Attractive large plants can be used to round off a sharp angle or an awkward corner or to conceal ugly permanent fixtures. Attractive tall plants can be used to adjust empty vertical areas. In general, the large and tall plants or massive displays belong in spacious and high ceiling places, where a small space might look undersized and unattractive with these plants. In a big and high-ceilinged room, tall climbers, tall plants hanging baskets (containers) of spreading and trailing plants help to tie the dimension together but in a small room such vigorous plants can seem merely fussy (unnecessary decoration) and crowded.

Tall 'corn plant' for high ceiling Tall climbing 'pothos' for narrow vertical
Trealing Plant for eye level Spread 'Peace lily' for specious place

Decorating with plants, there is one important consideration that some plants are looked different when they are diaplayed with different ways. The height and structure of the object on which they are displayed is most effective matter. Table tops are ideal situation for small, medium-sized and group arrangements. Shelves and ledges or a narrow horizontal surface provide perfect spots for single specimens placed at or below eye level. Above this height it is preferable to use plants that cascade over the edge of pots or baskets. Not only plants but also judiciously chosen ornamental containers can improve the decorative effect too.

The final selection must inevitably be a matter of personal judgment along with due consideration of plants needs. Keep on moving or grouping plants around until it appears to create a natural harmony or satisfying contrast with its surroundings. Try out the effect of plants in conjunction with mirrors and other hangings with ornaments or metal, pottery, glass and with various lighting arrangements. Often you will find the right plant for the right situation only after several experiments. Always, keep in mind that 'Ddoing by Learing'is apply here too. cont..

'Palm' Plant on tabletop for low eye level plants on self for horizontal place

Enjoy your gardening and decorating.

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