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Living-stone Daisy
Saroj Sapkota

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Living-stone Daisy flower
Living-stone daisy is low growing annual plant. Its scintific name is Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis (D. bellidiformis). It is called ice plant too but there are varieties of ice plants and some are perennial too. Actually, ice plant is a generic name given to a variety of succulent plants (thick leaves or watery stems). Living-stone daisy falls in the genus Dorotheanthus of Aizoaceae family. The genus Carpobrotus has about 30 species. This is native of South Africa region.

Many species of ice plant are known as succulent plants with bright daisy like (round shape with long but narrow flower petals) flowers. These are easy to grow and takecare.

Living-stone Daisy plant
Living-stone daisy germinate itself by seeds like weeds where you grew them last season. This is tender annuals so it can not tolerate extrim cold (frost, snow). But there are some hardy (can tolerate extrim cold) species too in ice plant.

Living-stone daisy is often used as a ground cover in landscape settings. But this easy growing small plants can be used in various way like, border decoration, flower bedding, rock garden, container, slope, hot and sunniest place, high space, and any empty or bore space/corner, because it grows, spreads and flowers so easily. Its flowers look so beautiful with eye in between of the petals. Mostely, they bloom in two or three colors but some are plain or single color too like, orange, pink, white etc.

Living-stone daisy is flowering plant so it needs at least six hours direct sun-light. This is a succulent plant, it stores water on its thick leaves so it does not need much water. It likes light sandy soil and good drainage. It can tolerate salty soil too. Cutting faded flowers is good for both -clean or good looking and produce more buds and large flowers. Takeout weeds and loose the soil of around the plants' roots as needed.

Some Popular Species of Ice Plants

Aptenia Cordifolia       Frithia Pulchra
Aptenia Cordifolia
Frithia Pulchra

Lampranthus       Delosperma Cooperi Lampranthus
Delosperma Cooperi

There are lots of Ice Plants varieties.

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