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Plant problems
Sirjana Bhandari

Insects and Diseases Problems

Phoolbari Logo Everybody likes plants and flowers. We do gardening to fulfill our needs, fun and happiness. We all know that everything has two sides- good and bad or happy and sad. It is same in gardening too. We always try to make our garden attractive and healthy. But some time all gardeners have to face garden or plant problems and it is normal. To be a successful gardener we have to be ready to fight and solve those problems.

There can be appeared many kinds of problems on garden and plants. Some problems can be sever but most are common and easy to solve.

Garden problems
Common problems of garden

Damaged by Slugs

- Garden pests/insects
- Diseases
- Drought
- Wind
- Soggy
- weed

Sever problems of garden
- Soil problem
- Environment problem

First, we will discuss here about common problems and gradually try to provide all kinds of problems of garden and plants.

Garden insects/pests
Damaged by Insects

There are many types of insects in the nature. They also depend on plants and nature for their life like other animals. All insects are not harmful for garden and plants. Some insects are useful and they help and sometime reduce gardener’s task too. Such types of insects are called doctors of the garden. Lady bugs, toads, etc are useful insects/creatyres for garden. Some insects are harmful for the garden plants which destroy the plants. Such types of insects are called garden pests and enemy of plants.

Garden pests
There are many kinds of garden pests. Some common are as follows-
Aphids White-flies Spider mite
- Aphids
- CatterPillars
- Snails
- Grubs
- Flies
- Moths
- Scales
Caterpiller Moth Beetle
- Mealybugs
- Ants
- Hoppers
- White Flies
- Beetles
- Borers
- Cutworms
Beetle rasshoper Slug
- Earwings
- Spiders
- Thrips
- Slugs

How these pests harm plants and how to know their effects?

If plants are attacked or affected by pests, they start to show some symptoms. First we should differ those appear symptoms on plants. Plants symptoms can be differ from each other. If same symptoms have been appeared, the garden might be affected by one pest but if different symptoms have been appeased the garden might be affected by different pests. Chew marks on outer edges of leaves, curled leaves, holes in leaves, wilting with discoloration, complete defoliation and discolorations on leaves are pests affected symptoms

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