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Indoor Gardening Tip

Indoor Plants
Indoor gardening tip are not all that different from outdoor gardening tips but some understandable modifications may prove beneficial.

Not everybody blessed with a green thumb is blessed with enough yard space to fully exercise that thumb. We don’t have to submit to a life of cultivation deprivation, though. We can cultivate our garden indoors.

Some people with both the knack and the space enjoy indoor gardening, too. We enjoy growing things indoors that might struggle in our outdoor climate or dramatic changes in seasons mean the garden is indoors part of the year and outdoors later.

Plants need as much bright light as possible. The most important of indoor gardening tips is to situate your indoor plants near a sunny window where the sunlight is bright even if not direct.

Flowering Indoor-Plants
Windows in the southern portion of your home usually provide the best light. An east window makes a very good second choice.

West windows usually bring good lighting but the heat that comes at the end of the day can be too strong for some plants. This problem of excessive heat applies especially to those plants placed directly in the window where the hot glass of the window intensifies the heat.

Some of the best choices in houseplants are those that are indigenous to tropical climates. These tropical beauties evolved to thrive in an environment similar to the environment most of us prefer in our homes.

Tropical Plants
Tropical plants do best when the room temperature doesn’t vary much from 65 and 85 degrees. This temperature range matches the temperature most people keep their homes anyway.

Sometimes the air in our homes is drier than a tropical climate, thanks in part to our heating systems in the cooler months. The drier atmosphere shouldn’t be a problem for a garden of cactus or succulent plants but lush greenery may suffer without a few saving precautionary measures.

One of the best indoor gardening tip satisfies the need for a more moist environment while it makes watering a breeze. Simply place a waterproof saucer underneath the plant’s pot. Then all you need to do is water the saucer instead of the pot.

Your plant’s roots will grow down into the bottom of the pot where they can reach the water in the saucer. This promotes a stronger and more vigorous root system, which, in turn, means a healthier and more beautiful plant above ground.

Watering Plants
Watering becomes a breeze because you’ll be able to see when the saucer is full before causing an overflow of water that may damage your floor or furniture. You’ll also be able to tell at a glance when it’s time to water again because the saucer will be empty.

It’s a good idea to allow the saucer to become empty from time to time but don’t let it stay dry for more than a day or so. Your indoor plants will grow best when soil is kept uniformly moist.

Add regular fertilizer to your list of indoor gardening tips, too. Outdoors, the natural life cycle of the soil will keep nutrients available to hungry roots but indoors the life cycle of the soil needs some help from you.

Apply a gentle fertilizer at a rate and schedule directed by the product’s manufacturer. And remember that less is more in this case. Dilute your fertilizer solution a bit more than the manufacturer recommends so your delicate indoor garden won’t become “burned” by too much of a good thing.

Enjoy exercising your green thumb indoors. It can be highly rewarding.

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